California Music and Culture Association lauds San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener’s call for hearing on nightlife industry

Study will examine sector’s impact on jobs, tax revenue and tourism so San Francisco can accurately assess regulations on Entertainment and Nightlife

The California Music and Culture Association (CMAC) applauds Supervisor Scott Wiener for today calling on the San Francisco Controller’s Office to conduct an economic impact study on the financial value of San Francisco’s nightlife economy. An empirical assessment of music and culture’s fiscal contribution to the City is long overdue.

“It’s important that we understand the size and reach of this industry as we consider regulating it,” said Wiener.

Supervisor Scott Wiener

“Without this information, it’s difficult to make informed decisions and to enact effective policies concerning entertainment and nightlife, which are a key part of San Francisco ’s cultural identity. Particularly as we attract more young people to San Francisco , as the biotech and other new economy industries grow here, we need to ensure that we are providing them with entertainment opportunities.

“Understanding the size and scope of entertainment and nightlife in the City will help us achieve that goal and help us remain a world-class city that attracts people here.”

Manchester noted substantial investment in the San Francisco economy made by the industry.

“Although San Francisco does not have a hard number to date, it is irrefutable that the ‘other 9 to 5′ [music and culture industry] makes a substantial investment into our local economy,” said Sean Manchester, CMAC President and owner of Mighty and WISH.

“In addition to being a significant job generator, tourist attraction, and tax revenue source for vital city and state services, entertainment attractions also contribute to increased economic activity in other industries such as hospitality, restaurants and transportation.”

Manchester cites a 2004 Audience Research and Analysis study which found that the New York City nightlife industry generated $9.7 billion in economic activity, $2.6 billion in earnings, and 95,500 jobs. Additionally, the study found that the entertainment industry contributed an estimated $391 million in tax revenue in the Big Apple.

“I worked in New York and represented the New York Nightlife Association when that study was released,” Manchester said. “That economic report was a game changer for the industry. The results really illustrated the massive impact the nightlife industry had on the citywide economy – and, thus, a more empowered voice at the decision-making table.”

For a listing of economic impact studies on nightlife around the United States, click here.

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